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Where is My Mind?

Confessions of a Beautyqueen Reject

22 July
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My name is Alyssa and I live in a small town. I am like most young adults, I guess. Although, I am really bad at spelling and grammar, but I am working on it. I am 21 years old and I enjoy listening to music and talking to my friends.
12 angry men, alan rickman, america's next top model, animals, archeology, atreyu, austin powers, b'z, baiser, baroque, billy idol, blue seed, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, cheese, choir, comic books, computers, conan o'brian, daria, david bowie, degrassi: the next generation, digimon, dir en grey, disney movies, dog the bounty hunter, donkey kong, draco malfoy, dracula, due le quartz, duo, duran duran, dvds, edward scissorhands, family, fanfiction, friends, full metal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, gackt, geico commercials, ghost in the shell, gilmore girls, glam rock, glay, godzilla, golden girls, green day, gundam wing, halo 2, harry potter, hide, history, hockey, i am sam, inuyasha, invader zim, janne da arc, jekyll and hyde, john mayer, johnny depp, jonathan rhys-meyers, jrock, julius caesar, kagrra, kingdom of loathing, knowledge bowl, l'arc~en~ciel, la'cryma christi, la:sadies, lame jokes, lareine, laura ingalls wilder, lilo and stitch, linkin park, listening to music, lord of the rings, love psychedelico, luna sea, malice mizer, manga, mercutio, modest mouse, moi dix mois, mononoke hime, my fair lady, mythology, nine inch nails, no doubt, orlando bloom, our lady peace, outlaw star, peach girl, peanut butter, penguins, percy weasley, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, plastic tree, politics, porno graffiti, project runway, psycho le cemu, psychology, queen, queer eye, red hot chilli peppers, rocky and bullwinkle, rollerblading, roseanne, sailor moon, sex pistols, shakespeare, shiina ringo, smallville, star trek, stephen colbert, stuffed animals, super nintendo, tenchi muyo, terachi shinya, tetris, the brilliant green, the colbert report, the daily show, the libertines, the nightmare before christmas, the offspring, the rollingstones, the sex pistols, the who, thinspiration, tim burton, to kill a mockingbird, toshiyaxshinya, unsolved mysteries, velvet goldmine, visual kei, x, x-files, x-japan, x-men, x/1999, xena, yuu yuu hakusho, zelda, zoolander, zorak